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This tutorial is a continuation of the Creating a custom watchtower tutorial, but it can be easily used as a step-by-step to add a new building to be used in the game.

To implement a new building into the game, we'll need to add entries into the Buildings.wdt and ActionButton.wdt database tables, as well as create two new icons to be used on the HUD and in other places in the game.

Edit the Buildings.wdt and add a new entry for the Watchtower building. Be careful that the keyname is unique in the table.

To be actually place in-game, using the standard in-game HUD, we'll need to add a new entry in the ActionButton.wdt too.

It's ready to be tested in-game and while we're at it, take a screenshot of it so you can use it to create the HUD icons.

Tutorial Model Img21.png
  1. The icons have to be exported using DXT ARGB 32bpp | unsigned setting
  2. No MipMaps
  3. 128x128px size icon (Info panel)
  4. HUD button icons (3 variants: unavailable, available, highlighted)

That's it. Some parameters are setup in the Buildings.wdt, while other are set in the .bui file directly, but this is handled n other articles. The topic is simply too large to cover in a single article.