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There are a lot of different jobs your Citizens can do in your town, mostly in production. You have direct control over what and when your Citizens do through the Jobs board. In fact, shuffling your Citizens through different jobs can mean the difference between a successful society and a slum.

Worker General worker. Does all sorts of menial jobs like carrying resources around, although slower than Carriers. It is important to have general Workers in your workforce, otherwise your production might come to a halt.
Carrier Carriers are specialist workers, dedicated to carrying resources around the town, to and from the warehouses and production buildings. Carriers do NOT construct buildings.
Woodcutter Woodcutters produce Firewood in Sawmills.
Gatherer Gatherers gather wild fruit and other produce that grow freely in the woods and on the plains. Gatherers work in the Gatherer’s hut. This produce is essential, especially in the early stages to have enough food for all your citizens, but in later stages as well, to provide enough food variety.
Quarryman Quarrymen work in stone quarries and produce Stone.
Miner Miners work in Coal, Iron and Gold mines.
Farmer Farmers grow crops on fields, tend to orchards and herd animals on ranches.
Hunter Hunters hunt wild animals to produce venison and leather, both essential in the early stages of the game.
Fisherman Fishermen, as the name implies, do fishing and produce fish and crab meat.
Forester Foresters both plant and chop down trees in the area around Forester’s huts.
Herbalist Herbalists gather herbs and provide some initial health services to your Citizens. Your Citizens use Herbs to treat light inflictions.
Toolsmith Toolsmiths, operating from the Toolsmith building, use Iron and Coal to produce Tools, used by numerous other buildings, both in construction and production.
Innkeeper A good Inn can only function if there is a capable Innkeeper running it.
Tailor Tailors create clothes from Leather in the early stages of the game. Later, the same profession serves in the Tailor’s shop to create luxury Fine garments for the Gentry.
Baker Bakers bake bread. Simple. The key ingredient is Flour.
Miller Millers break down Wheat into Flour in the confines of the Windmill.
Trader Traders work in Markets, a great source of Gold coins income, as well as in Docks and Harbors.
Teacher Teachers work in Schools to educate children in becoming more efficient adults.
Healer Healers provide advanced health services to your Citizens. They operate from the Healer’s house.
Cleric Clerics tend to spiritual questions from their Churches.
Jeweler Jewelers create shiny, but expensive jewelry.
Potter Potters produce Pottery from Clay.
Candle maker It is basically the Middle Ages. There is no electricity yet, no electric light bulbs. So, they use a whole lot of Candles.
Distiller Distillers produce tasty Liquor.
Guard Security and safety are important. The Guardhouse employs Guards.
Carpenter Carpenters craft wooden furniture, a basic luxury, and Decoration.
Mint worker Mint workers melt Gold ore and create Coins in Mints.
Brickmaker Brickmakers create Bricks in Brickworks, used in the construction of more advanced buildings