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Aging citizens[]

Your citizens are born, come of age, grow old and eventually die. It is the natural course of life, and you must take this into account when planning your town and society. Children do not work. They do not contribute to production other than occasionally gathering some wild fruit, but it is always better to educate them in schools so once they do join your town’s workforce, they will be more effective.

The adult citizens are your workforce. They construct all the buildings, carry, and collect resources and operate all the buildings. The adult segment of the population could be the most important.

Citizen classes[]

As your town grows and becomes more prosperous, some of your citizens will also move up the social ladder. Better jobs will provide them with greater income and more opportunities. It will also bring new desires and interests. Do not take these changes lightly. If your citizens’ needs or desires are not met, they will not be happy. Providing higher quality resources and luxury items is just one variable though. Each citizen has a number of social issues on his mind.

Peasant Almost all of your citizens start off as Peasants, doing the basic jobs like gathering herbs, fishing, chopping down trees for lumber, hunting, mining etc..
Laborer Once you get agriculture going, planting fields and orchards, you’ll start noticing Laborers in your town.
Merchant Much like in many real societies, Merchants tend to appear when the town’s production and citizens’ income gets high enough. High-end merchandise and luxury goods as well as more expensive construction materials like bricks, is what Merchants like and want.
Gentry Gentry, the unofficial nobility, the financial royals. These guys want only the best stuff: fine garments, jewelry, entertainment…

For a city to prosper, a diverse population is essential. Keep this in mind when doing any planning or expanding the town. And don't forget that, much like a citizen can go up in class, a citizen can also go down as well. If a Merchant is assigned to work a job that is beneath him, for example working on a field instead of a high-end shop, he will gradually go down from Merchant to Laborer, naturally accompanied by a drop in Happiness. Don't be afraid though, he can always move back ahead once more.