Patron Wiki

Constructing building is a large portion of what you'll be doing in Patron. You expand the city, plan effective production chains to obtain more resources, expand further etc. All the controls you need for this can be found on the bottom right of the screen.

Buildings are divided into several categories:

  1. Housing - All housing related buildings (Tent, House, Shelter...)
  2. Town buildings - Buildings not directly related to the production of some goods, but are of great importance to the city and the community (Church, School, Market...)
  3. Production buildings - All buildings in some form related or a part of a production chain of goods & citizen professions.
  4. Farms - Fields, Orchards and Ranches; special buildings of varying size (you control the final size)
  5. Roads and bridges - Transport related; different roads, bridges and additional structures that benefit your citizens' movement

To construct a building, simply select it on the panel in the bottom right, then position it on the main screen and left click. A construction site will appear and it will take some time for your Workers to bring the needed construction materials and to actually construct the buildings. It isn't instant; it takes time.