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One of the more simple mods that can be quite extensive in scope is a custom translation. This can be setup very easily and we have a template ready if you want it. For simplicity, we'll go over the template and explain it a bit.

The most important thing are the two misc.txt files:

  • MyLanguage\Data\Texts\english\misc.txt
  • MyLanguage\Data\Texts\mod\misc.txt

The first one, in the english sub-folder only adds the name of the language, under the keyname LANG_MOD. That's it. It is there so the game launcher can properly name the language on the language switch buttons.

The second one, in the mod sub-folder is the main one. When the language of the game is switched, the game will use this file to replace all the texts in the game. Naturally, only text in this mod\misc.txt will be used. Everything else is drawn form the default language. This makes it possible to make translations piece by piece and do regular checks in the game to make sure everything fits as intended.

A note on the text file in general

This is one standard block in the file:


The value right after the keyword text: MUST NOT BE ALTERED. This is the unique keyname of the text used by the game to recognize where the line is used. Only change the text value in between the brackets!