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As the name implies, natural disasters are naturally occurring disastrous events, but there are some things you can do to ward / fight off the negative impact that they bring.


A massive fire, the staple of the city-building genre, can ruin your day and your city if left unchecked. A fire can start anywhere and anytime, but some factors are taken into account:

  • There is a greater chance a fire will occur during high temperatures
  • The chance goes even higher if a Heatwave is currently taking place
  • Building a grid of wells / stone wells will reduce the chance of a catastrophic fire
  • Building a grid of wells / stone wells will make it easier to douse any active fire

Fires can also start as a result of citizens rioting, but whatever the trigger, keep in mind that the natural life of a fire includes the fire spreading. And it can really spread far from the epicenter.


Every once in awhile, your city could be hit with a heatwave. As expected, this means out-of-the-ordinary high temperatures. This also means that fields, orchards and ranches will have reduced production during the affected season. The longer the heatwave lasts, the higher the impact on production. A standard way to counteract heatwaves is by placing wells in the vicinity of the affected buildings. This alleviates some of the heatwave's negative impact.

Cold front[]

The opposite of a heatwave is a cold front, drilling the temperatures well below freezing. Don't expect a cold front to happen during the warmer months. It usually hits you in the Winter. The impact is two-fold:

  1. Citizens spend quite a bit more Firewood or Coal to stay heated
  2. If exposed to the elements your citizens will freeze much faster than usual
  3. Some production buildings are affected by the low temperature (Coal, Iron and Gold mine, Quarry, Fisherman's hut, Gatherer's shelter, Hunting lodge, Herbalist's hut, Clay pit)

The only way to fight a cold front is to suck it up and punch through it, meaning you can't. Keep an ample supply of Firewood and Coal and wait for the front to pass.